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Spirit AI

Who are we?

Spirit AI is a world leader in understanding behaviour in online platforms and constantly innovates to maintain that position. We are offering an internship for student or recent graduate who is interested in understanding online communities and their discourse, and who would like to help clean up toxic behaviour online. The intern candidate should likely have experience in the social sciences, linguistics, or similar fields, and would like to have the opportunity to apply that knowledge to keeping people safe on online platforms.

Your role

As the Behavioural Linguistics Data Science Intern your role would involve creating methods to spot new and different ways of expressing hate speech, bullying, grooming, scamming, etc. and developing processes to keep on top of the never-ending emergence of new ways of expressing toxicity.

Key Responsibilities & Requirements

Multi-lingual candidates are strongly preferred and the ability to think creatively about difficult problems is highly valued. An interest in community and social media management techniques and crowdsourcing processes are also desirable.


  • Paid internship
  • 20 hours per week
  • Remote working

Um dich für diesen Job zu bewerben, besuche bitte www.spiritai.com.