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BA/MA theses / HiWi positions within AIA/IGPM/STCE project

AIA (Prof. Schröder), IGPM (Prof. Herty) and STCE (Prof. Naumann) have joined forces to work on sensitivity analysis of strong shock formations in supersonic flow.

We are seeking candidates for BA/MA theses / HiWi positions in this interdisciplinary project in engineering, mathematics and computer science focusing on the development of a novel calculus of variations for flow problems. The treatment of strong shock formations in supersonic flow poses a serious challenge for numerical algorithms as well as analytical methods. The potential candidate will work in close collaboration with the three involved institutes in order to further develop a recently published attempt of a novel numerical method for spatially one-dimensional gas dynamics.

Depending on the preferences of the candidate the topic could either be focuses on the numerical simulation and evaluation of suitable cost functionals depending on the shock position, the development of novel algorithmically differentiated code for extension to multiple spatial dimensions or on theoretical advancement for treating multi-d shock fronts.

From a mathematical perspective introduction to partial differential equations, in particular, hyperbolic equations is preferable. Also interest in functional analysis and vector analysis is very helpful. Interest in /  insight into algorithmic differentiation is desirable.

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Um sich für diesen Job zu bewerben, sende deine Unterlagen per E-Mail an info@stce.rwth-aachen.de