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The Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering researches the basic structural and tribological behavior of machine elements and maps this in experimentally validated model descriptions. These model descriptions are used to analyze and design the functional, loss and noise behavior of overall technical systems with a focus on drive technology. The developed models also serve the research and development of methods of Model Based Systems Engineering as a central element of future industrial product development processes.

However, high quality designs cannot be achieved by using descriptive system models only. The system modelsare inadequate for mechanical designs and requirements-based testing.To solve this problem, a good idea is combining the system model and simulation models through integration techniques. The task ofthe student work is to developa total system model (TSM) of a main shaft system, covering different aspects of the design process, which enables to achieve a data consistency among all the models. Therefore, the interfaces between the software, thedata format of these models need to be considered. Subsequently, these interactions will lead to traceability of every design change and its impact on the fulfillment of the requirements with the help of MBSE approach.


  • Familiarization with the system development process
  • Requirement and functional analysis of the system
  • Modelingof the main shaft systemby using the SysML tool and mechanical software (e.g. CAD, FEM, MBS)
  • Establishment of the digital twin for the main shaft system in the federated system model
  • Evaluation of the frameworkthrough the wholeproduct development process


  • Independent and reliable work
  • Interest in system modelingand product development
  • High learning ability in new things
  • Practical experiencein mechanical engineering software(e.g. MKS) and Matlab is good to have

We offer:

  • Intensive supervision
  • Immediate start or by appointment
  • Very good working environmentinour new office
  • Possibility to workfrom home (VPNconnection to the institute)
  • Promising topic and experience for a future career

We look forward to your application by email:

Yizhe Zhang, M. Sc. RWTH
Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering

Schinkelstraße 10, 52062 Aachen


Um sich für diesen Job zu bewerben, sende deine Unterlagen per E-Mail an yizhe.zhang@imse.rwth-aachen.de