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The Chair of Wind Power Drives at the RWTH Aachen University conducts research in the field of drivetrain technologies for wind turbines (WT). In numerous research projects throughout past decades, drivetrain technologies as well as vibration analysis of wind turbines and their drivetrain components have been continuously developed.

According to today’s state of the art, rolling bearings are almost entirely used in wind turbines. However, these have the major disadvantage that in the event of failure, the main bearing cannot be exchanged on the tower but the entire drive train must be disassembled using a crane. Especially for offshore plants, the failure of the main bearing can result in the economic total loss of the plant.For this reason, a novel and patented plain bearing concept for main bearings was developed at CWD and a 1 MW demonstrator bearing was experimentally tested. The objective of this thesis is develop an EHD/MBS model for the calculation of the hydrodynamic pressure distribution considering the elastic deformation.


  • Definition of an initial geometry
  • Development of basic model and stepwise increase of the model complexity
  • Execution of a simulation study


  • Motivation to work independently on technical questions in the field of drivetrain technology
  • Prior knowledge and experiencein in multibody simulation (e. g. Simpack) and FE simulation is desirable
  • Good grasp of technical systems

We offer:

  • Participation in an interdisciplinary research project with industrial collaboration
  • Immediate start and rapid progress of the thesis
  • Intensive supervision
  • Possibility for further employment with in a research project with the aimof a doctorate

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Chair for Wind Power Drives

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