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The Chair for Wind Power Drives researches the behavior of drive systems in modern multi-megawatt wind turbines. Research goals include increasing the availability, the robustness  alongside energy efficiency of wind turbines as well as lowering the cost of electricity. For this purpose, software development tools and modern system test benches are used in a network.

For the design and advancement of mechanical components of the drivetrain of a wind turbine (main bearings,gearbox, etc.), the loads acting on these components must be known as precisely as possible. According to the current state of the art, multi-body simulation models (MBS) are used to determine these loads.

The aim of this work is to simulate and document external loads and component loads for a 3 MW turbine using existing MBS models with different levels of detail.

This work offers the possibility to get a comprehensive overview of a wind turbine as a system and drive train simulation.


  • Familiarization with MBS
  • Excecution of load simulations for different load cases
  • Documentation of the result data


  • Good comprehension and interest in technical systems
  • Prior knowledge of the structure and function of wind turbines is desirable
  • Previous knowledge in the field of FE-analysis (ABAQUS,ANSYS) is desirable. Knowledge in the field of multibody simulations (SIMPACK,ADAMS) as well as different programming languages (MATLAB,PYTHON) are advantageous

We offer:

  • Fast processing and immediate start
  • Intensive supervision
  • Flexible working hours in a nice and motivated team
  • Possibility of subsequent further employment within the framework of a PhD programme

We look forward to your application by email:

Amadeus Rolink, M. Sc. RWTH
Chair for Wind Power Drives

Campus-Boulevard 61, 52074 Aachen

Um sich für diesen Job zu bewerben, sende deine Unterlagen per E-Mail an amadeus.rolink@cwd.rwth-aachen.de