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As an Sustainability Specialist, you will contribute to improving the sustainability performance and corporate responsibility for the Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH aiding the business by applying your knowledge to offer solutions and advice through delivery of Group-wide performance improvement programs and/or the Group Audit Program.

You will deliver reports, analysis, measure data and concepts for the organization.

Your responsibilities
Creation of recycling concepts with focus on the circular economy
Generation and analysis of energy repots, integrate a consequent measurement, delivering energy road maps
Measurement of the CO2 Emissions of the organization based on the GHG protocol
Implementation of sustainability criteria for products and processes
Project management and integration of new digital and sustainable solutions
Helping the organization to fulfill the needed documentation of the ISO 50.001 and the 14.001
Documentation of processes for the infrastructure and sustainability management
Supporting to assess trends and legislation in sustainability topics and communicating information on legal requirements in your area of expertise and geography

Um sich für diesen Job zu bewerben, besuche bitte new.abb.com.