Would you like to get a glimpse behind the scenes of an international, future-focused company? Come and join us as a working student. In this way, you will gain valuable practical experience and perform a range of day-to-day tasks as a fully integrated member of the team while still a student. After that, we can offer some attractive prospects to get your career started.

Your responsibilities

  • You are interested in the domain of industrial automation or building automation, especially in aspects like system integration, simulation, communication-protocols or artificial intelligence and would like to apply your expertise in a challenging and fascinating environment? Then join our team of highly motivated students and researchers to contribute to the foundations of the next generations of ABB offerings.
  • Digital twins are describing and representing real-world components in a commonly accessible and understandable way. The target of digital twin concepts is to efficiently integrate the different tools, data and information needed during the lifecycle of a system, i.e., for planning, engineering, simulation, monitoring and maintenance of the system. Thereby, the integration must consider heterogeneous environments with real-world devices having various technologies, vendors and communication-protocols.
  • The information within a digital twin is well structured and can be applied like common interfaces towards tools and devices to support Plug and Play concepts as well as to enable next generation digital services using artificial intelligence. Functional abstraction layers can be used to abstract from technology specific aspects and to simplify the integration of devices or technologies into systems.
  • In close collaboration with our research team and other students, you will help to design, develop and test software prototypes on such digital twin concepts, supporting e.g. the integration of new tools, devices or technologies. Aspects like the integration of simulated devices or communication are of interest, too – e.g. to validate a planned system and stepwise exchanging simulated devices with real-world components. Additionally, more and more intelligence and self-x aspects (e.g. self-configuration, self-optimizing, self-learning) shall be integrated based on the digital twin concept to achieve higher levels of autonomy in industrial as well as building automation systems.
  • We expect that you show above-average motivation to develop demonstrators and software prototypes and pro-activeness to come up with new concepts and ideas on how to overcome possible challenges.

Your background

  • Study background in computer science, engineering or similar knowledge from software engineering and development experience
  • You have good hands-on experience with complex software development projects and experience in the implementation with Java, C#, Python or equivalent
  • Experiences with web technologies, React, Angular, Docker, or data mining are appreciated
  • Knowledge of communication technologies (e.g., MQTT, REST, OPC UA) is appreciated
  • You can communicate fluently in English in verbal and written form.

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