Here you will find all the questions that your fellow students frequently ask.

If your question is not listed below, don’t hesitate to write us an e-mail or visit us at one of our consultation hours.

Prior to your studies

The Numerus Clausus (NC) is not put in place by the university. It depends on offer and request for study places.

On the website of RWTH, you can see the NC of past years. It is not likely to change that fast.

You have re-enroll for every semester anf pay the semester tuition in order to stay enrolled. The varying tuition fee as well as RWTH´s account details can be found on RWHTonline under “student contribution status”. How the tuition fee is comprised can be found here.

You can see the current composition of the fee here.

In order to recognize your exams and transfer credit points form an other university, you have to file an Application of Recognition.
In cases, in which the Examination Board can not confirm content-related equality based on previous cases, equality of content has to be determined by the teaching professor. For this procedure a routing slip is available. Furthermore, it is advised to provide as much information to the examinor as possible in form of scripts or lecture notes. After all modules are examined by the respective teaching professor, the routing slip has to be submitted to the Study Counselling.
In cases of a stay abroad, a Request for external Curriculum Change as well as an equivalence check has to be made before the stay.

During your studies

If you are an enrolled RWTH student and aim to change your course, enroll for another course or quit a course, need to request that. Please find all relevant contact data and forms here All other information connected to your enrolment can be found here

There is no real semester break, because you will write your exams during lecture-free periods. Usually you’ll have some free time between exams but you need this time to prepare yourself for the exams.

You will write your exams in lecture-free period. Normally the lecture-free period begins between the end of January and mid-February and ends in April during Winter Semester. During Summer Semester, the lecture-free period starts at the end of July and finishes in October.

There are no fixed dates for the exams. You can look up the dates of the exams at RWTHonline.

No, you don’t have to write the exams in order. Nevertheless it will be easiert for you to understand deepening modules if you get basic knowledge first.

A credit point (CP) and an European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) corresponds to an estimated amount of work of about 30 hours, including lectures + preparation for the lectures and the exam. It was established to compare the different courses. One semester contains about 30 ECTS.

If you all modules of your Bachelor’s/Master’s course within the standard period of study you can withdraw the weighted grad of one module, except the grade of your project thesis and of course your bachelor/master thesis.

Withdrawn grades get shown as “passed” on your diploma and dont influence your final grade.

The Dean’s List is a list, which includes the best 5% of students within their study course based on their overall avarage grade. It belongs to the program to support outstanding students at the RWTH. Those students have the possibility to attend certain seminars or get scholarships.

Maschboard is a website aimed at connecting students studying Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering or Computational Engineering Sciences. Do you have specific questions regarding your studies and no one to ask? Hit up the discussion forums and ask your fellow students. Distraught at the thought of your next exam period? See if you can find studying materials in the library section. The possibilities are endless, so it is definitely worth giving it a try.

Studydrive is a notes sharing platform. Whether you’re looking for handwritten notes from your fellow students or specific course exercises, be sure to check it out.

If you miss the deadline for re-enrolment you have to pay an additional fee which is currently €7,60. If you forget to re-enroll before Oct 31 (Winter Semester) or Apr 30 (Summer semester) you will be de-registered from all courses by RWTH.

You can cancel a registration for an exam on multiple ways. The first opportunity is the “Orintierungsabmeldung“, which lasts one week longer than the “Anmeldephase” (in WiSe17/18 until 24.11.). If this period is over you can still unsubscribe from an exam up to 3 working days before it starts. If the exam takes place on a Friday, for example, you have till Tuesday, 11:59pm, to cancel your registration. You can do this online in the CampusOffice. When it is also too late to cancel your registration that way, you still have the possibility to withdraw due to illness. For this you need a medical certificate that says you are unable to write the exam. More details you find here: Registration Cancellation & Withdrawal

During the “Orientierungsabmeldung”-period you can cancel your registrations for exams. They will be treated like you never registered for it in the first place. (So you won’t see ‘withdrawal’ on any certificate) The “Orientierungsabmeldung”-period is one week longer than the registration period. You can find the current registration period here:

You can resign from already registered exams (all registered exams can be found in Camus Office under “registered exams”) up until 3 workdays ahead of the exam (Saturday counts as a workday). The resign using campus Office. A step by step instruction can be found here.

The personal registration phase is a registration phase for subjects you can not register via RWTHonline. The personal registration phase starts after the regular registration ends. You have to register at ZPA, which is located at Super C, first floor.

Yes, you should. If the university has technical problems and your registration gets lost, these E-Mails are your only possibility to prove that you registered for the exam.

When you are sure that you won’t pass it. But you should think twice because stepping back will maybe force you to study longer.

Organizitions and consultation offers of RWTH

At RWTH, every study field has its own student council.

Study Field Phone- Number Homepage
1/1 Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science 0241/80-94506
1/2 Chemistry 0241/80-94641
1/3 Biosciences 0241/80-26693
2 Architecture 0241/80-95003
3 Civil Engineering 0241/80-25080
4 US! – the best Student Council 0241/80-95308
5/1 Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing, and Recycling 0241/80-95699
5/2 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering 0241/80-95781
5/3 Geosciences and Georesources 0241/80-96042
5/4 Geography and Economic Geography 0241/80-99382
6 Electrical Engineering and Information Technology 0241/80-97574
7/1 Arts and Humanities 0241/80-96001
7/2 Teacher Training 0241/80-96118
7/3 Communication Studies & Psychology 0241/80-96472
8 Business and Economics 0241/80-96146
10/1 Medicine 0241/80-96146
10/2 Dentistry 0241/80-89184
10/3 Logopedics

Student Councils have many tasks. Mainly, they represent the students in front of the university or faculty. It helps to improve the education. Furthermore, it organises a lot of events, like freshmen week.

The “Hochschulwache” is the security service of RWTH Aachen.

You can find the number of your current building by using the RWTH-Navigator ( on our homepage. It contains a list of all the buildings of the university including their numbers.

The Central Examination Office is the division 1.3 and belongs to the Department of Academic Affairs and Registrar’s Office within RWTH Aachen’s Central University Administration.

Its Working on the administration of exam registration and cancellation and similar work, such as grade registration, issuing certificates or transcripts, and checking admittances or non-admittances to exams and final theses.

After your degree

With a bachelors degree form the RWTH you can also apply for a master’s courses at other universities.

Here you need to consider the different admission requirements for the master’s courses of other universities.

The conditions for an overall evaluation of “mit Auszeichnung” or “with distinction” are a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, graded with at least 1.0, and an average overall grade of 1.3 or better. Additionally, no grade is supposed to be worse than 2.5.

Campus Culture

The ‘Kármán-Bogen’ better known as the ‘Exmatrikulationstor’ (=Gate of de-registration) is a gate near Kármán auditorium and according to a legend you will be de-registered after going though it.

Aachen has a lot of sights, which are all within walking distance. The most important ones are the following:

  • Aachener Dom (Aachen cathedral)
  • das Aachener Rathaus (Aachen city hall)
  • der Elisenbrunnen
  • Ponttor
  • Marschiertor
  • der lange Turm
  • der Lousberg
  • der Puppenbrunnen
  • der Hauptbahnhof (central station)

Charlemagne was the King of the Franks, the Lombards and Emperor of the Romans in the early middle ages. He ruled over Western Europe, choosing Aachen as his main residence. Since them all the Carolingian Kings were crowned in the Aachen cathedral.

“Aix” comes from Aix la Chapelle. It ist the french name for Aachen and it is from the napoleonic times. That is why many companies in Aachen have “aix” in their name.

The water from the emperior-fountain (ger. “Kaiserquelle”), witch flows in the Elisenbrunnen, smells like rotten eggs, because the water contains a lot of sulfur.

RWTH stands for Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule. While other technical universities called themselves “Technische Universität” in the 1980s, RWTH stayed with the name “Technische Hochschule” to refer to the polytechnical background.

There is no student council number 9. We are not sure where it went.

Rudi Rockt culinary event, in which you can participate as a team of two by cooking one of the three dishes (first course, main dish or dessert). It is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know new people around your city. Finally, you can celebrate the successful evening with all your new friends at the after party. You can find more information here:

That’s our current principal.