Tim Schürmann

Tim Schürmann

Representative for Mechanical Engineering

RWTH Aachen University´s largest course of studies is mechanical engineering. Due to the high standards of teaching and research, we are highly renown in Germany as well as Europe when it comes to mechanical engineering. The studies not only teach professional skills, but also the ability of methodological problem solving.
At RWTH engineers are thought in a wide spectrum of field of subject areas. Thus, they are qualified to work in all technical fields, be it industry and manufacturing as well as research and development. Their expertise allows them to bridge the gap between fundamentals and application.


Before starting the mechanical engineering studies, a six-week pre-study internship is mandatory, in which perspective students get to know the basic production types. Within certain conditions however, it is possible to fulfill the internship during the course of studies.
The first four semesters are dedicated to fundamental subjects, within the fields of mathematics, physics and engineering sciences. Examples for such are Higher Mathematics, Engineering Mechanics, Thermodynamic, Machine Design and Material Sciences. Furthermore, introductory courses into economics are parts of the studies.
From the fifth semester on, the students can choose a specialization. This individualizes the course of studies. Furthermore, intended for the fifth semester is the project thesis.
Specializations offered at RWHT are:
• Production Technology
• Design Engineering and Development
• Energy Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Plastics Engineering
• Textile Engineering
• Transportation Engineering
• Aeronautical Engineering
The seventh semester is free od courses. It is intended for fourteens weeks of compulsory internship as well as the Bachelor`s Thesis.

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Nine master programs are offered at RWTH Aachen University, which are focused on branch of mechanical engineering. Each program´s standard study period is three semesters. The master programs are based on the specializations offered for the bachelor studies. A change in specialization from bachelor to master is generally possible. However, it might be possible to be necessary to make up for missing fundamental courses.
Master programs offered at RWTH are:
• General Mechanical Engineering
• Automation Engineering
• Energy Engineering
• Automotive and Transportation Engineering
• Plastics and Textile Engineering
• Design Engineering & Development
• Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering
• Production Technology
• Chemical Engineering
The master program is finished by a Master`s Thesis, which is intended to last 22 weeks.
With successfully finishing the masters program the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering confers the academic title of “Master of Science of RWTH Aachen University”, which is similar di the degree of “Diplom-Engineer”. The master`s degree qualifies the students for a doctorate as well as for sophisticated tasks in the field of engineering.
The master program`s curricula can be found in the download section of the faculty’s website.