Tom Teggers

Tom Teggers

Representative of Business Administration and Engineering: Mechanical Engineering

The course of studies Business Administration and Engineering: Mechanical Engineering with the subject area mechanical engineering (B.Sc./M.Sc.) is existing in Aachen since Winter 2007/2008. The course combines knowledge in the areas of Engineering and business. In Aachen the main focus is on the engeneering parts, which makes up about two thirds of it. This is unique in germany.

The typical tasks for an industrial engineer is to connect technical and economic parts. Possible workplaces are production, controlling, logistics, project management and consulting.


The first four semesters consist of the basics of mechanical engineering and economics. This ist he same for all students in the subject of economic enegeneering. Examples for this is Mathematics, technical mechanics, thermodynamics, machine design and material science. Furthermore in the area of economics, the basics of economic thinking and behaving is taught.

Starting in the fifth semester, the student can individulise his study by choosing one of the following specialisations:

• Production Technology
• Design Engineering and Development
• Energy Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Plastics Engineering
• Textile Engineering
• Transportation Engineering
• Aeronautical Engineering

The seventh semester is free of any lectures, making it possible to complete your internship (14 weeks) and your bachelor thesis.
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The master in Business Administration and Engineering: Mechanical engineering is a consecutive Master for the Bachelor. It consists of the economic and technical Part, as well as the Master Thesis. The standard period of study is 3 Semesters.
When starting to study, you have to choose both a economic and engeneering specialisation. The engineering specialisations builds on the specialisations from the bachelor. Generally spoken, switching the subject is possible, nevertheless you should consider that you might miss a few basics, that you have to make up for.
Possible economic specialisations are:

  • Sustainability and Corporations
  • Operations Research and Management
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Marketing
  • Corporate Development and Strategy
  • General Business & Economics

The Master is finished by writing your Master Thesis, which you have 22 weeks of time for. The Master thesis can either be written in the economic or technical field or in an interdisciplinary one.
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