Education Workshop

The Education Workshop busies itself with everything concerning exams, lectures, theses, tutorials etc. We discuss the developments in the educational departments of our university and, in doing so, facilitate the work for our referents in the faculty panels. Furthermore we work cross-disciplinary with other student councils and suggest our own concepts to improve on the studies at the RWTH Aachen.
Our coordinator for education is in charge of organising the workshop. Every interested student is welcome to share his ideas and criticisms! Dates for the next workshop can be found in the newsfeed on this website.

Christmas Workshop

Like many companies, firms and societies we throw a christmas party at the end of the year. The christmas workshop is in charge of making the appropriate preparations.
Many tough decisions await the attendants of the workshop: Shall we serve soup or something more extravagant? What shall we drink and how much of it will be necessary to quench everyone’s thirst? What games will be held and who will be volunteering for the part of Father Christmas?
Shortly before the event, everyone gathers to handcraft decorations and bake lots and lots of christmas cookies.
Should you be interested, look no further than our Coordinator for Events.