As representatives of the students of our faculty (all students studying mechanical engineering, industrial engineering (specialized to mechanical engineering) and computational engineering sciences) we do not only participate in the panels and discuss matters with the university.

In other areas we also care that the students can study in a high quality environment.

Below you find a collection of our services with a short description.

Representation in the Panels

First things first. We represent you in all the panels of the university, i.e. the senate, the examiniation boards, the evaluation commission, the quality-improvement-commission etc.
There we discuss and argue in the students’ best interest with representatives from all other interest groups of the univeristy.
Our aim? Making your voices heard and letting you influence the crucial decisions.
As part of the student self-administration we are in touch with the university and faculty on a daily basis. Due to our hightened level of experience we usually field the only applicants for positions in the panels. However every student may apply to these positions.

Profs = Professoren; WMs = Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter; BTVs = Beschäftigte in Technik und Verwaltung; Studis = Studierende

Counseling of students

Because of our work in the commissions and our regular contact with the staff of faculty, university and institutes as well as the professors, our staff possesses an intricate knowledge about the bureaucracy and procedures of the university, only increased by our confrontation with numerous different problems because of our counseling.
So, if you have a question about your studies, concerning exam regulations, formalities or anything else you can come to our consultation hour or send us a mail.
We know a couple of tricks and pinches and are well connected with the university authorities.
However, we are not omniscient, so we reserve the right to refer you to one authority or another that can answer your questions more thoroughly. Because if we can’t solve a problem, we definitely know who can.
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Exam reports

You’re facing an oral exam and don’t have a clue how to prepare?
We gather exam-reports from students who have already passed oral complimentary exams and will sell you the collection of reports for printing costs (5ct per page) during our consultation hours.
We’re ever so grateful if you contribute to the collection after passing your own exam.
Unfortunately we are forbidden to send these reports via mail or put them online.


Studying isn’t everything, so we organise quite a lot of fun events for our students. The biggest event is certainly frehsman week. We have to tutor the tutors, organise the tutor weekend, do our part for the rally, survive the Mech-Party and so much more. Second in line would be the Uni-Cup in December, which puts cooperation with other student councils into focus.
Other events follow sporadically: The summer festival, the Eastern Europe Exchange Program with the Ukraine and Poland or Board Game Nights.
We could continue the list, add unique happenings and countless workshops, but we rather politely refer you to the tab „Events“ on the top of the site.


We keep ourselves well conected with the other student associations and the AStA to share our experiences and to see how the others are faring. For this reason there are regular meetings called KeXe. Once every month representatives of all student councils, the AStA and the senate meet and discuss the recent going ons.
But we don’t stop at Aachen’s borders. Each year we travel to the Student Association Convention Mechanical Engineering, where numerous student councils of Mechanical Engineering meet up to share experiences and bring each other up to date. On an even grander scope we visit the anual European Mechanical Engineering Students Council Congress (EMESCC). This meeting is on an European scale with student councils from all around Europe.
The contacts established during these Conventions are maintained and cultivated throughout the year, usually by means of the popular game „Call to Drink“, which is not restricted to Mechanical Engineering Student Councils though.

Rental Services and Printing

The student council maintains an expansive inventory containing tools, beer tent sets, grill, pavilions, projectors and quite a lot more. Students may rent materials for a deposit. Everyone else has to pay a small fee.
Our printer may also be used by our students. During consultation hours you can print any documents you need to print. Printing costs amount to 5ct per page black-and-white or 10ct per page colourised (double-page print in both cases).