The Board of Student Representatives (BSR) is the highest decision making panel of the student association and thus acts as the legislative. The BSR is crucial in matters of strategic positioning of the entire student association. Furthermore it has to approve the budget and any requests to spend more than 250,-€.

Most members of the BSR are former council members or have otherwise engaged in voluntary work for the student association. Therefore they usually possess a treasure trove of experiences which they share with the current student council and allow them to support their work with valuable advise.

The 11 members, all elected directly by the entire student association, meet approximately once per month.

Every student of Faculty 4 may adress requests to the BSR, most effectively by adressing the presidium directly.


  • Marcel Gollé-Leidreiter (Chairman)
  • Michelle Geilenberg (surrogate Chairman)
  • Nina Braun
  • Carsten Schiffer
  • Jonathan Wirth
  • Carolin Braun
  • Laura Barth
  • Francesco Gilio
  • Sebastian Henzler
  • Anahita Etemad
  • Dominik Duda
  • Hunor Emödi (surrogate)
  • Melanie Ebner (surrogate)
  • Benedikt Wiethof (surrogate)
  • Matthias Glinka (surrogate)
  • Fabian Scheidt (surrogate)
  • Benjamin Joemann (surrogate)
  • Paul Ziche (surrogate)
  • Eduard Hilgert (surrogate)