Henning joined us during the freshman rally of 2007. Since then he has been our mascot, official member and constant companion of the student association.

Together with members of the student association, Henning has visited many beautiful places all around the world, such as Brazil, Iceland, Sweden and Mexico. Each trip has been immortalized with lots of pictures. A small amount of these pictures can be viewed below.

How did Henning end up with us?

In the old days, when the „Apple and an egg“-game was still allowed, a tutor group got the bright idea to exchange their apple and their egg for a live penguin. Surprisingly, the director of the Aachen zoo was happy to go along with the joke and after one phonecall everything was set.

You want to visit Henning, too?

Henning and his fellow penguins live in a nice, big enclosure in the Aachen zoo. Henning is defined as the second penguin from the left, so you may find him more easily. The official certificate, granting him membership of the student association, is located next to his enclosure.

The Aachen zoo is south of Rothe Erde trainstation and has opened all year long. It is quite easy to reach by bus, too.