The current board of chairmen

  • Chairman: Peter Rasche
  • Surrogate Chairman: Philipp Hemmers
  • Treasurer: Iljana Westfal
  • Secretary: Kathrin Horres
  • Chief Executive of the student council: Florian Berthold

Fundamental Idea

The separate society can be traced back to the year 1991. Former members of the student association asked themselves how they could still support the association in the future, even after completing their studies. The answer to this question was rather obvious and the society was founded to support the Mechanical Engineering Student Association. The official name reads as follows:

Society of the Friends and Supporters of the Students of the Mechanical Engineering Student Association of the RWTH Aachen e.V.

The society aims to support student iniatives from within the student association. A major part of this support comes in the form of funding for the Eastern Europe Exchange Program. The exchange program is currently based around an exchange with Kiev and Warsaw, though in the past it included Bratislava and Sofia, too. Other projects receive funding as well, like for example publications or cultural activities of the student council.

Fixed Dates

In spite of all the funding and supporting there is plenty of time to just simply keep in touch. The society gathers twice a year: Once in January for the annual general assembley, the second time for the summer festival. While these events have an official part including the election of the board of chairmen, they mainly center around sharing anecdotes from times long past, fuelled by a beer or twenty. Networking is a crucial part of society meetings, particularly for students who are just about to embark into their professional life and who may very well snatch up the most interesting information.

An overview of the next events:

Annual general assembley 2019

Society Meeting – monthly meetings of society members and people from the student association, who are still active.
The meetings start at 7:00 p.m. at the „Wehrhafter Schmied“

Next meetings: (t.b.a.)







Board of Chairmen

The activities of the society have of course to be managed and controlled. Like in every society a board of chairmen is elected from amongst ist members. In our case it consists of the Chairman, his Surrogate, the Treasurer and the Secretary. The Chief Executive of the student council is a member of the board by definition.

The current board can be found to the left.


Hopefully, we have sparked your interest by this point. Should you have any more questions about the society, please contact the current Chief Executive of the Student Council. He’ll gladly provide a connection with members of the board, too. Thank you for your interest, we’d appreciate seeing you on one of our events and getting to know you.