We are the student association and there are quite a few of us, roundabout 13000 students are members of the second largest student association in Germany – the student association of Mechanical Engineering at the RWTH Aachen.

Every student of Faculty 4, meaning all those studying mechanical engineering, engineering economics and computer engineering science, belong to us.

Amongst those 13000 students there are about 100 voluntary workers representing everyone. These 100 volunteers are usually referred to as the student association, although this is technically incorrect. We call ourselves the staff of the student association.

Everyone who wants to help or simply tag along, can simply drop by – there’s always something to do.

The staff is further divided into the student-council, the student-representatives and the free co-workers.

Board of Student-Representatives

The Board of Student-Representatives (BSR) consists of 11 members who are elected by all students during the university elections in June. Every student of the student association can candidate for the BSR and, of course, vote for any candidate.


The Board of Student-Representatives monitors the work of the student-council and votes on significant decisions concerning the entire student association. Every decision to spend larger amounts of money must be made by the Board.


The student-council acts as the student association’s executive branch. There are usually around twelve members. The Board of Student-Representatives elects the council during its constituent meeting.


The student council concerns itself with the daily business. They offer consultation hours, counsel (budding) students in all matters, organise events, publicate information and much more. If you’re writing us an E-Mail, chances are it will be straightly forwarded to one of the council members.

Entire Staff

The student council and the board of representatives could never even begin to get everything done if it weren’t for the many other co-workers. They support the council where ever they can and when the time for a huge event is nigh, they’ll just be there and make themselves as useful as possible.

  • Alexander Strauch
  • Anahita Etemad
  • Anja Zellekens
  • Anton Stefer
  • Ben Kadereit
  • Benedikt Wiethof
  • Benjamin Schürmann
  • Benjamin Joemann
  • Carolin Braun
  • Carsten Schiffer
  • Christian Hannes
  • Daniel Höppe
  • David Wackerbauer
  • Eduard Hilgert
  • Fabian Scheidt
  • Felix Jünger
  • Francesco Gilio
  • Gerrit Rickert
  • Hannah Krützfeldt
  • Hunor Emödi
  • Iljana Westfal
  • Jakob Teubler
  • Jan Cluse
  • Jan Haack
  • Johannes Austermann
  • Johannes Pastoors
  • Johannes Mehler
  • Jonas Kutzim
  • Jonas Gerads
  • Jonathan Rauch-Zumbrägel
  • Jonathan Wirth
  • Julia Lipin
  • Julian Maneke
  • Kai Niemietz
  • Kang Qiu
  • Katharina Immel
  • Kathrin Horres
  • Kristina Baitalow
  • Lars Menzel
  • Laura Barth
  • Lea Grahn
  • Leif Janissen
  • Leo Kern
  • Lisa Morgenstern
  • Luisa Seidlitz
  • Lukas Hedwig
  • Lutz Behnke
  • Marcel Gollé-Leidreiter
  • Marcus Lüdemann
  • Marco Jacobitz
  • Markus Meurer
  • Matthias Glinka
  • Maximilian Bayer
  • Maximilian Wunderlich
  • Melanie Ebner
  • Michelle Geilenberg
  • Nina Braun
  • Paul Ziche
  • Philipp Hemmers
  • Raphael Kiesel
  • Roxana Ley
  • Samuel Stux
  • Sebastian Henzler
  • Semjon Becker
  • Simon Schäfer
  • Sinem Atilgan
  • Steffen Frölian
  • Tamara Schirra
  • Thorben Lorenz
  • Tim Reuscher
  • Timo Bakr
  • Uwe Nillius
  • Vera Dahmen
  • Wenzel Wittich