Hey Maschis,
we at the student council elect new members every year and are still looking for candidates! And we need you!

But first, what is this council?

The Fachschaftsrat is the executive body of the student council, so to speak. Every year it consists of about 15 members. We make sure that the day-to-day business of the student body is guaranteed, hold consultation hours, advise (future) students, organise events, publish information, and much more.

Which positions are still vacant?

2. coordination of finances and inventory Maximilian takes care of our inventory until the election, as well as purchasing and rental. He helps the financial coordinator to ensure that all expenses are legal, that we always stay liquid and that our bookkeeping is up to date.

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Daniel answers your questions about teaching mechanical engineering and represents you in some university committees.

Department for Info and Publication
Luisa maintains our homepage, Facebook page and recently also Instagram, so that you are always up to date in terms of studies. She also revises our info booklets (e.g. the first semester info).

Please have a look at our page who is currently holding which position, you can ask us more detailed questions about what it is like to work and have fun in the student council 😊 https://www.fsmb.rwth-aachen.de/fachschaft/fachschaftsrat/

“But why do I want to work at all?” You might ask yourself, but we don’t see this as work at all! We find new friends here and get involved in various things. You don’t only get to know people but also these infamous soft skills, you can’t always just learn for the next exam. Every now and then it’s fun to be able to hit the professors on the fingers and constructively improve the entire university 😊

If this appeals to you, or if you have general questions, I, Florian, and Michelle, are always available as contact persons and look forward to every new face!

Please contact me at fberthold@fsmb.rwth-aachen.de by Sunday 30.6. at the latest, or just drop in on our student council 🙂

Your favourite student body