Hey Maschi!

We invite you to our 5th student council meeting on wednesday, the 13th of november at 18h at the student council, Augustinerbach 6, Room 315. The AStA will visit us to introduce themselves, and the results of many working groups, e.g. concerning our overalls, will be presented. If you want to get in touch with us or take a look at our work, just tune by.

We’re happy to get to know you 🙂

Michelle and Florian

Hey Maschi, are you interested in proving your programming skills? Do you want to learn a language but haven’t received a language course? Then sign up this weekend for the FSMB and FSET Hackathon! The Studemt Council for electrical engineering and mechanical engineering cooperate to build up an internship plattform. We receive almost daily offers, which unfortunately we have not been able to promote so far. Further information can be found in the registration form: fsmb.eu/hackathon

Freshmen Weekend

You are a freshman? You want to meet a lot of cool people? You are looking for a weekend in a youth hostel?
Then register for our freshman weekend 2019 by clicking on the following link http://fsmb.eu/erstiwochenende2019!
You can find more information there 🙂

The Maschiparty was also this year legendary with you guys!🎉 Thanks to @lanic_official and Ludwig for entertaining us in the Schmachtenburg!🎵 On our Website under http://fsmb.eu/fotos you can find the photos of the Maschiparty.📸 As with each good party one loses among other things some belongings 😉 Contact us and we will see if there is anything that belongs to you in our lost and found items.🔎 And once again a big thank you to all the helpers and especially all of you that cleaned up after the party! We are already looking forward to the next party with you! 💞

Hey there! The student council now has a WhatsApp account. You can ask us questions via our normal telephone number (+49 241 80 95308). We will answer them in our consultation hours. For the oral exams we have created groups where you can find a learning partner.You can send us photos of pengiuns as well.Your Mechanical Engineering Student Council

The best party of the year was on thursday and our photographers shot many great photos of you and the Event. You may find those here.