What can the International Office offer you?

The International Office is the first contact for all Outgoings (and Incomings) who are leaving Europe altogether. As such, it doesn’t concern itself with ERASMUS students.

How do I apply for a place at the International Office?


Deadline for an application for the International Office for the forthcoming winter AND summer semester would be December 15th.

You may apply for remaining places for the forthcoming summer semester until August 15th.

The application portal opens accordingly on November 1st and July 1st.


You have to be a regular student of the RWTH Aachen and you have to be in your third semester minimum at the time of application. (Exceptions are made for applicants who want to go to South America. In that case you have to be in your second semester.)
Your grade point average may not be below 3.0 and you must have at least 50% of your available Credit Points.
Furthermore you have to attest that your register of the language of lectures is at least on Level B1. The register can be proven by means of your „Abitur“ certificate or of a language certificate.


The application is entirely online. There tend to be more places in the summer semester than in the winter semester, because the only places available in the summer semester are those not taken in the winter semester.

All application documents have to be uploaded in PDF-format.

1. Application form (generated online)
2. Overview of Marks from RWTHonline
3. Course of Studies certificate
4. Tabular curriculum vitae in English
5. Language Certificate
6. Optional Certificats
7. If applicable Bachelor Certificate

You can apply for up to 4 universities at a time, each application has to be handed in seperately though.
You can apply for a scholarship for your abroad semester while you’re already at it. This requires you to offer further information in the forms.