When and how long?

Most of the Bachelorstudents won’t have any time to do their internship during the vacation. You can absolve your internship right before your Bachelorthesis and maybe combine it with your projectthesis.

Due to the organizational effort of a foreign internship, the duration shouldn’t be less than 3 months. For an internship in non-European countries, we recommend an even longer time. For Economic Engineers half of the internship must be done in Germany.

On this website you can find an overview.

The country of your choice

Everyone has their favourite but you should consider other possibilities.

An important criteria is which languages you speak. In the most engineer offices the people speak English or French, the English you learned in school is often enough.

There even is the opportunity to learn a new language. It for sure is exciting to absolve your internship in a new, foreign and exotic environment.

Especially in countries whose economy currently develops with the support of German companies or where the enconomy has a massive growth like in China, Brasil, South Africa or East Europe an internship is recommended.

So don’t just think about the popular countries like USA, Australia, Great Britain or France show a little courage and have no fear of the language barrier.

Selection of a company

The best way to find a company is via connections. You can talk to enterprises on the bonding recruitment fair, which is twice a year. Other industry fairs are also suited for that.

The right way to apply in a foreign country

You should mind a few important things:
You’ll send your application to the responsible department in the company. If there’s no responsible person for you, it should be clear in which department of the company you want to absolve your internship. Otherwise there is the danger that you application lands in the trash.

Also it should be clear, what you want to do during your internship and how long you want it to be.

In some countries an internship as we know is unknown. In that case it is helpful to point out what we understand under an internship.

You’ll find help for a successful application in various books, which you can buy in the internet or bookstore. Don’t believe everything you find on the internet.

Scientific thesis abroad

There are little differences depending on the field of study:
Mechanical engineering: You can write one of two Thesis abroad. Either the project thesis or the bachelor thesis.

Industrial engineering: You can write your Bachelor thesis extern.

CES (Computational Engineering Science): Both scientific Thesis can be written (Project Thesis and the bachelor Thesis)

The Masterthesis can be written abroad for all fields of study including Simulation Science. It is important that there is a limit for the creditpoints you can collect abroad during your Master. For Mechanical engineering and CES this are 30 CP for industrial engineering there are 20 for the economic subjects and 20 for the mechanical subjects.

You need to find an intern supervisor. He decides about your grade, the extern supervisor can just make a proposal.

The projectthesis/ Bachelorthesis abroad can be written in German or English.

Often scientific thesis are in line with an internship.

Useful websites

The internet is full of good and bad websites with advice. We gathered some of them for you: