What is ERASMUS?

ERASMUS is an abbreviation for European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students. As you can see it is a fancy acronym. The EU actually wants to remind of ERAMUS, a former humanist from Rotterdam. (More information for nerds and inquisitive people to find on Wikipedia)

How can I use ERASMUS as a student?

ERASMUS is probably best known for the possibility of student exchanges. The European universities enter into partnerships with each other. But there are also language programs, cultural workshops and unimaginably wide range of other offers.

How do I apply for ERASMUS?


You apply by 15th of January for the following winter and summer semester and by 15th of April for the remaining places of the summer semester.

Applications requirements

You should be enrolled at least in the third semester at the RWTH. Guest students are not allowed to apply. By the end of the application semester you must have reached 60 CP.
In order to go abroad you need at least B1 knowledge of the language of instruction at the partner university. So make sure that you have already attended a language course at the RWTH Language Center in advance. If you are only one level below the required level ath the time of application, you can make up for this by the start of the semester abroad.
Here you can find the application requirements of RWTH.

Detention time

The period of stay abroad is a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 months, during which an internship and a study stay in combination in different countries is possible. However, the period may not exceed 12 months in a study period (Bachelor, Master or doctorate). There is an upper recognition limit of 30 CP in the Master’s program, which is why it is recommended to spend only one semester abroad in the Master’s program.


15 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) must be completed per semester abroad. These will be recorded in advance on the Learning Agreement and after the stay abroad on your Transcript of Records.
If the 15 ECTS are not reached, then you must expect a reclaim of the ERAMUS mobility rate on the part of the International Office.

Process of application
  1. Inform yourself about the offered universities and select three of them. It is a good idea to visit an ERASMUS+ group consultation at the International Office or the faculty. In addition, you can view testimonials from your fellow students.
  2. You must register as an ERASMUS applicant with the faculty.
  3. The correct application and the selection procedure will take place in the faculty.
  4. Upload documents on the online platform:
    1. Curriculum vitae in tabular form in German language
    2. Proof of academic achievement
      1. Student account statement
      2. Bachelor’s certificate, if applicable
    3. Language certificate
    4. Voluntary commitment