Each year, over 1500 freshmen join our faculty, in order to study Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Economics or Computational Engineering Science.

To grant every freshman a good start at our university, including an interesting first week with thrilling program and nice people, we need the help of roundabout 300 tutors. Tutors, in this case, are students in their third term (or higher) who volunteer to take a group of freshman under their wing for the first week or possibly longer to introduce them to Aachen and the student way of life. To ensure that all tutors are prepared for this crucial week and to give them an opportuinty to get to know each other as well, we charter a hostel for a weekend and take the majority of tutors there. While there are seminars to teach our tutors about BAföG, mandatory rules and other topics, we make sure that there is plenty of time for games, sports and party. Furthermore the tutors get an excellent chance to get to know the student-council and our plentiful, visible and invisible work.

So, what’s stopping you from becoming a tutor for our favorite student-council?