What is the Student-Council Weekend?

Every spring we take to the Eifel with every motivated and interested soul who wants to join us on this (Recruiting-)weekend.
You’ll have the chance to get to know the people on the council and learn about the many ways to support the council in their very different fields of work. In different workshops we’ll examine new concepts and ideas to improve or change the council’s work.
Due to the fact that a new council will be elected only a couple of months after, the weekend provides ample opportunity for you to apply for a post as council member during the next legislation.
To top it all up Saturday evening gives you the „Old Man’s Feast“. Here, former members of the council and representatives, who want to withdraw from their work, welcome the newcomers and reward the current generation with a sumptous multi-course meal.

You want to come along?

This year the Student-Council Weekend will take place from May 4th to May 6th. If you’re interested, just visit the student-council and sign up.
While the weekend is mainly financed by the council, we’re required to charge everyone 30,-€.