Who hasn’t heard of it? Epic, unsurpassed, sadly just once a year.

The Maschiparty is amongst the biggest and most legendary events of the orientation time, which usually takes place on Wendsday evening in freshman-week, marking one of its definite highlights. Adding to that, it is the grand finale of an action-packed day where all the young, budding engineers have been roaming Aachen during the annual city-rally.

Just about 2000 Mechanical Engineers gather inside the C.A.R.L. Lecture Hall to celebrate with our freshmen who are about to embark into their studies.
Apart from cool drinks, rocking music and lots and lots of fellow students you’ll occasionally even find professors on the dancefloor or behind the mixer unit. If that doesn’t spell „unique evening“, we sure don’t know what does.

Our referent for the freshman-party is responsible for organising everything. At the same time we’re always on the lookout for able helpers, who would like to support the Mech-Party by guarding the cloakroom, drawing beer or cleaning up afterwards. Whatever you’re interested in, you are welcome. Just message us here: erstsemesterfeier@fsmb.rwth-aachen.de.

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