Uni-Cup? Never heard of it?

Well, then you’ve been missing out.

Every year on the Thursday after St. Nicolas Day we, along with the student-councils of Electrical Engineering and Medicine as well as the University Sports Center, organise the Icehockey-Uni-Cup. For YOU!
The three biggest faculties of the RWTH participate in this traditional tournament – the Medics, the Electrical Engineers and the Mechanical Engineers. The faculties field teams of each Ladies, Gents and Professors, who then proceed to do battle for the Thyssen-Krupp-Trophy. All players are required to be amateurs, so don’t be afraid to apply for the acceptance trials!

The Icehockey Uni-Cup includes an extraordinary cheerleading show. Each faculty fields a team of 34 cheerleaders, who will show off their skills in dancing and acrobatics on the ice. The best cheerleading show will be honoured with the FuFah-Ehrenpreis. Fairness and sportsmanlike behaviour factor into the granting of this particular trophy as well. There will be acceptance trials for cheerleading, too.

Like in the years before we will choose a motto for our performance and our players. In order to bring this motto to life we rely on a group of highly motivated and creative tinkerers, tailors and painters who will decorate the stadium and supply players, cheerleaders and fans alike with costumes, requisites and backdrop. And guess what – this group doesn’t even hold acceptance trials. Vague knowledge about a paintbrush, scissors and potentially woodwork will be quite enough if paired with the right amount of creativity and high spirits.

Uni-Cup 2018

Uni-Cup 2017