Don’t we all know that feeling: sitting in a slow lecture, missing the feeling of slamming down a +4 in „UNO“, vigorously kicking in a door in „Munchkin“ or building that hotel on Boardwalk during a game of „Monopoly“?

Well, you can refresh these feelings, along with a plethora of others, every last Sunday of the month starting 19:00 o’clock in the rooms of the student-council!
Board Game Night is a perfect opportunity for you to hone your skills in old and familiar boardgames, as well as to learn about all new ones – and get to know the student-council to boot. We’re look forward to seeing you!
We can provide a huge chest full of games, but if you want to bring you personal favourite, you may of course bring it with you.

PS: Occasionally we have to diverge from the „last Sunday of the month“-rule and move Board Game Night up or down a week. If this happens, we’ll inform you in our Newsletter, on Facebook and in the newsfeed of this here website.