• 07.11.2018 19:00


  • 14.11.2018

    Registration open


  • End of November

    Application Deadline

  • After Application

    Starting of the Exchange-Work-Group

    After Application

  • Until March

    Booking of flights and trains

  • During Excursion Week

    Visiting our Exchange-partners abroad

    During Excursion Week

  • One Month later

    Welcoming our Exchange-partners in Germany

Wanderlust? We got you covered!

You’re living the European Idea. Does Aachen feel to small at times? Do you want to get out, learn about unknown people and cultures, far off the touristically trodden roads? And you’re on a budget, as usual? If you’re ready to rather invest time and dedication into your travels, we can offer you this:
Come join the Eastern Europe Exchange Program of the students-council of Mechanical Engineering! We’ve been going to Kiev in Ukraine and Warsaw in Poland each year since the 1970s. Thus we want to highlight the idea of a united Europe and of course spent some quality time togehter.

What will you experience during the exchange?

Preparations already start in mid-November. Until then you need to send us you application. Most all details will be discussed together: The program we want to organise for our exchange partners when they come to Germany, how to finance everything and the means of travel (regular flight, stage coach, train, Learjet…).
During Excursion Week (when there quite coincidentally won’t be any lectures) and the week after or before we will travel to Poland or to Ukraine. Our hosts will organise an interesting and worthwile program, including a tour of their campus, trips to the sea or to the mountains, museums and much more. Rest assured that the cultural difference concerning evening entertainment will be highlighted as well.
After two weeks of traveling to and fro all throughout the country we’ll get back to Aachen in order to take a short breather.
Shortly after, usually in July, our former hosts will be our guests. They’ll be welcomed by you and sleep at your places. Our guests (and we along with them) will then get to enjoy the program we masterminded back in November.
If your interest hast been sparked, simply join us for the info-meeting on November 8th or contact us by mail: austausch@fsmb.rwth-aachen.de.